This month I decided to try the Six on the Sixth challenge, posted by Adam Ickes.

In this challenge, he suggests some prompt words and encourage us to write 6 six-word stories based on not on the prompts.

Here are mine.


Can’t you ever do it right?


Missed ball, angrily throws his cap.


Coming back home, she looked splendid.


You know nothing! Lemme do it.


Love each other. Divorce papers torn.


Spring has already come; petals unfurl.


5 thoughts on “Six on the Sixth (or actually the Eighth)

    1. Thanks. I like that too. But my personal favorite is the Splendid. Maybe (actually certainly) 6 words wasn’t enough to convey the image I built on my mind, though. Need a lot more practice on writing that briefly. Struggling now with the Sin prompt. I know the story I want to tell (real story!), but hard to do it in only 6 words… šŸ˜‰

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