Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Sepia Tones Only

For this week’s challenges I decided to choose a picture of people and another one of a outdoor seeting.

For the people’s picture, the picture is indeed somewhat old (25 years?) but it looked already worse than a regular 25-year-old picture. I don’t know what happened at the time of the shot, but it came out with a sort of a haze, which made it look even older than it is. I also like the fact that it shows people celebrating (high school graduation, btw… ;o)

I still changes it to make sepia tones only, as in the original there was still some little color. Then I added a filter of antiquity to make it look older still (like it was my grandma, instead me me, maybe???



For the second one, I took this picture recently and I liked the remoteness of the cabin with the tent in front of it, amidst a lot of snow. I used a few effects on this one too, to give it an old picture look as well.



This post was written in response to Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Sepia Tones Only


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