One Four Challenge – February 2016, week 3

This week, for my One Four challenge, I’ll again highlight a section of my picture, by cropping the image in order to show only (or mostly) the element I was to focus on.

The chosen ‘creature’ this week is a coral in green and purple that reminded me of lavender fields.

The actual name of the coral seems to be Acropora (please for the experts out there, fell more than free to correct me if I’m wrong), but I still like the call it lavender-field-like coral, just because… 😉

To show the coral well, I cropped the image, changed the temperature to remove the blue cast (like in week 1), increased the saturation and played a little with brightness and contrast until I was satisfied with the results.

I did this all before posting my Week 2 edit. Then after seeing Emilio’s comment about the lack of a focal point on my fist picture, I looked at my week 3 picture and decided to edit again, as I felt the coral as not standing out as much as I wanted to have it be the focal point (yes, I do them all more or less at the same time. Maybe not same day, but by the end of week 1 I typically have all 4 ready to be published 😉 ).

The main problem was that I wanted to highlight the purple coral, but there was another one all-green at the top of the picture that had a much brighter color, and was sort of stealing the scene. I could have tried to isolate areas and do the highlight by changing levels on each area, but that would require an app and some time I did not have. So I cropped it even more to show only the Acropora.

I’m still not 100% sure if that was really needed or not. Maybe I was just over thinking, but I’ll still stick to my edit #2. 😉

Here’s how it turned out:


Lavender and green coral in Seattle Aquarium


This post was written in response to the One Four Challenge 2016 – February, hosted by Robyn. Check also my weeks 1 and 2 edits.

And if you’re curious to see my first edition of the week 3 image, you can find it here.

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