As a kid, his favorite dish was fried chicken.
The crunchiness of the outside followed by the tender juicy meat on the inside.

Then he set up his mind that when he grew up he’d raise chicken just to be able to eat them everyday.

On his 15th birthday, he got his first chicken.
It was a gift from his grandaddy, who made him promise he would not eat that one.
He could eat her eggs if he liked (and he did like eggs!), but never her meat.
She’d have to live as long as she would last and then be buried in the backyard, next to the coop.

He made his promise and took the chicken home with him.

Three years later, after graduating from high school, he started his business. He bought himself a lots of chickens, build a coop and start raising them to eat and sell.

But the more he eat them, the more he wanted.

And that was what broke him. He stopped selling, so he would consume them all. But his hunger was insatiable, and he ate them faster than they were able to reproduce.

Eventually all was left was him, an almost empty coop and the aging first hen.

He made a promise to his granddaddy though.
So no, not her.
She was to die naturally and be buried.

Another month has passed and with no money and no other chickens, he started to starve. He still had some eggs from the hen, but they were not enough. He became feverish and delirious.

One night, he got up in the middle of the night, not completely awaken, but very determined on his goal. He left the house, went to the coop and took her. It was stronger than him. He worked all night in preparing her and, came morning, he had the best breakfast of his entire life.

It was also the last one.

Right after taking the last thread of the juicy meat, a wind blew around the house, bringing her feathers up. The feathers were swirling around the house, getting in and surrounding him. In his ecstasy he didn’t notice. Thought it was just a dream.
But the feathers kept coming. Much more than the ones he took out of his first pet hen. In all colors and shades and sizes and fluffiness. The feathers of all the chicken he killed and ate.

It was their turn now. They closed in, filling the entire house, spilling to the outside, until he was swallowed by them. Buried alive in a sea of feathers.

This post was written based on the prompt Feathers, from Writer Write’s October prompts.

A lost key

I was running late for a meeting and in the rush I dropped my key.
She saw me dropping it, grabbed it and came after me.

“Sir, sir, you lost your key.”

I couldn’t go on without my key, so in spite of the hurry I had to stop. And when I turned to grab my key and thank the lady, time stopped too. Everything did. All I could see was the personification of beauty and gentleness handing me my own key.

Then a car honked nearby waking me from that dreamy state, I grabbed the key shyly, said thank you and ran to the office. Just to found out the meeting had been cancelled.

She never left my thoughts that day and the days that followed.

About a week later I saw her again. I was almost running late again, but couldn’t care less, I just had to talk to her.

We met, we talked, we walked together around town, we laughed, we exchanged phone numbers, emails, instant messaging ids, we fell in love.

We joked that on that first encounter, the key she handed me was actually the key to her heart.

We were happy together.

For a few years….

Then, time passed, life happened and that warm feeling started to cool down.
For her, not really for me.
I was still warm by her side.

One day she sits me at the couch, in front of her, and announces she’s leaving. She still loves me, but not in the same way as before. Not be to my wife anymore. Maybe friends if I wanted her friendship.

I tear comes down my cheek, I can’t say anything. She turns and leaves.

I can’t find that key anymore… It is lost.

This post was written based on the prompt A lost key, from Writer Write’s October prompts.

To Do

My To Do list is incredibly strong and grows much faster than I’m able to get to it. It almost looks like it feeds on Miracle-Gro or something!

And you know what’s the problem with it?
The bigger it grows, the lazier I get.
I guess I feel overwhelmed just to look at it.

I’ve tried doing smaller daily lists, but since all those items need to be done anyways, my daily lists either get too big and unattainable, or I include only the most urgent and the old stuff I’ve been postponing for like forever just continues to get postponed…

And overwhelming feelings lead to anxiety.

So yes, I’m a real deal huge nasty procrastinator and a somewhat anxious person.

Is there cure?
Maybe I just need to start getting things done!!??
Yeah! That’s it! That’s the answer to all my problems!
Deal then. I’ll do it all!

But tomorrow…
Now, just to think of the size of my list I feel sooooo lazy and stressed out….

I guess I’ll grab a book and relax a bit. Maybe some tea, a bubble bath…

The list can wait until tomorrow, right?


Good bye then. 😉

Today I found some writing prompts at the site Writer Write, and decided to try them.

The list has 31 prompts, one for each day of the month.

I’m starting on the 6th, so I’ll follow the prompt for the 6th, but I may go back a few, if one day I decide to write more.

And today’s prompt it To Do.

I have written a piece on paper, but it was more like reflections than fiction. Here I tried to merge, and create fiction (??? really?) based on those reflections.

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest

Today, Carrot Ranch website is starting a Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest.

For more details you can check their website at:

The Ranch

They’ll be having 8 contest, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting today and going until the end of the month.

I heard about it a couple weeks back and was planning to post my entries here, but because it’s a competition they advise not to publish until judging is finished.

So no post today with my entry for the first one. I’ll instead post in on the day the winner is announced. And for today’s contest that will be on November 7th. So stay tuned!

In case someone else there is interested in participating, here are the rules for the first one:

Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #1

Good writing to us all!




Don’t go away, stay a little more…

Last Sunday my bestest friend moved out of the country.

He’s from Germany and for the past 5 years he’s been willing to go back, and for the past 2 he’s been actively searching for jobs there. (I sorta told his story here once…)

So now it finally happened. He is happy and I’m happy for him.


It hurts so much to see your best friend go to live 5,000 miles away from you…
Having lunch together won’t be as easy as a quick drive to his office building, even chat won’t be as easy as real time due to the time differences…

So in this post today I share a song that has been on my mind ever since he got the job offer and confirmed the date he’d be going.
The song is in Portuguese, so I also share the link with the lyrics and translation, below the video:

Lyrics translation:

Bis später, mein Freund!

I need to see people

This week i’m feeling anxious. It’s a mix of several things.

I’ve been working from home and that’s not something that resonates well with me. I’m a social bug and need daily contact with people. Working remotely feels lonely.

On top of that my team is not great on communicating on email or IM anyways, which makes it even more isolated and lonely.

Then, my husband is traveling for a total of 3 weeks, and won’t be back for the next 2.

Then, my best friend is moving out of the country. Yesterday we went for lunch on what I thought it would be the last time I was seeing him in a very long time. At the end we schedule another lunch for next week, which is great, but then that will be it for sure.
And I’ll miss him painfully.

Other friends are too busy trying not to get laid off and it’s been hard to meet them for lunch or something.


And all of that is making it so hard to concentrate that even the one thing that would distract me (work) is being left to the side, while I keep getting bored in facebook and instagram…

Oh well…

I guess it’s time for another job change. It seems I just need a job out of the home.

Job hunting, here I come again….



Fiction: Busy Bee

Thursday morning. Wake up.


Get up. Wake up the kids. Have breakfast. Get kids ready to school. Walk them to school.

Work from home. Automation won’t work, do it manually.

Stop to go to the doctor.

Come back to a meeting. Work non-stop until 3:25.

Bring suitcase down for hubby.

Pick up kids at 3:30.

Have lunch!

Drive kids to sports practice.

Stop at dry cleaner.

Back home, iron hubby’s shirts.


Fix dinner. Do the dishes.

Help hubby pack for his trip.

Read a bit. Go to bed.

And that migraine is still there until end of day Friday….

This post was written in response to the September 7th: Flash Fiction Challenge, hosted by Carrot Ranch

Fiction: If I came with a warning label

If I came with a warning label, people may not like me much.
My secrets and sins would be disclosed. And that’s not good.

If a warning label would be attached to every person, then everyone would know about their secrets and sins. And get mad, and get hurt, and get away.

No, I don’t want a warning label on me. And I don’t want to read warning labels on others.

They’re to do more damage than good to friendships or any other kind of relationship.

So I keep my secrets to myself.
I go about life being true to myself, being honest when I fell like, and sometimes false, pretending to be someone else.
And I’m ok with this. And people are ok with this too, because that’s what they do.

And we get along….

This post was written in response to the Mini Writing Prompt Challenge: If I Came with a Warning Label. . . #bravewarninglabelchallenge

Fiction: Project Management

They were working on a new project.

Her job was to create the schedule and plan for it.

She was struggling with the project management tools, and that was impacting the start date. The team got anxious, afraid her struggles would delay the project so much that the deadline wouldn’t be met.

When she finally figured the tools out and went over to share the plan with the team, she was surprised to see the project was finished already… Before even beginning!

She threw the plans away and celebrated their on-time delivery.

She couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Image Credit: Bikurgurl


This post was written in response to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 10, and inspired by the online courses I’ve been doing on project management… ;o)
Although I’m sure I’ll be a much better manager than the lady on my story.

Fiction: Honeymoon

They met very young and were best friends forever.
Then each went on with their separate lives.

But all the time, they still had each other at the depths of their minds.

One day, they meet again.
They look at each other and see time flying backwards all the way to their childhood together.
“Hey, It’s been so long without seeing you”.
“Yes, I missed so much.”

They hold hands for the first time in ages, and from that time on, they never went apart again.
As if they were in a constant honeymoon.
Their time had finally come!

This post was written in response to March 9th: Flash Fiction Challenge, hosted by Carrot Ranch.

The story was actually taken, and adapted to fit the size constraints, from another piece I wrote a couple years ago for a Literary Lion challenge about Time. If you’re curious, here’s the full story I wrote at that time. Hope you enjoy!