Fiction: The distance between

They are newly wed and snuggle every night to sleep.

Time goes by and they realize it’s more comfortable not to snuggle.

The distance between them in bed grows in the same proportion as the problems of the daily life increase.

Soon, the bed will become too small for both of them.



This post was written in response to the Writespiration #103 52 Weeks in 52 Days Week 7  hosted by Sacha Black, for which we’re supposed to write a piece with 52 words, that includes the theme: The distance between…

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Fiction: Stilettos

We were doing a paint project outside when daddy came to pick the kids up for the weekend.
He looked uptight, she was all dressy.
I was covered in paint, tangled hair.
She had a frown and seemed uncomfortable on her stilettos early in the morning.
I had a big smiling face.


This post was written in response to Sacha Black’s challenge Writespiration: 52 weeks in 52 words.

This is the first time I try to participate and this week’s theme is:

That moment you see your ex with their hot new bit and you look like a turd.


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…


… just like the one I ‘never knew’…


I’m from a tropical country in the South hemisphere, which means Christmas was always extremely hot and poor Santa always dripping in sweat on that red suit of his.

Then I moved to latitude 47.6 N and even with that we had only one white Christmas in the past 16 years that I’ve been living here.

This year we’re seeing snow a bit more often, though. It’s not even close to being much snow, and once it stops it also starts to go away, so the snow today may not make it until tomorrow night, but who knows?…

Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas this year???




Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


We have never been too much of turkey eaters. So our holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, always feature some ham too.

Then, earlier this year my kids met a live turkey on a farm and decided that turkeys are definitely not for eating.

So the ham, that has always been the preferred choice anyways, became even stronger in the liking. Just need to keep them away from live piggies… 😉


This post was written in response to the Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

Brother’s love?

They were brothers, and as brothers they kind of love each other.

But they also had their differences, and sometimes those differences would be so big that the love seemed more like hatred for those who would see them arguing.

One day they had a disagreement. One of the big ones. It was so, so, so big that they actually engaged on a fight. A physical one.

I can’t remember the reason for such a fight, but I do remember it was an ugly one.

Uyir was a bit drunken. Maybe coming from one of his crazy parties. Groi was chilling out at home, as he always did.

Then something stirred up such a wild rage in Uyir, that he went after Groi. Groi tried reasoning, but it was no use. He didn’t want to fight so he said something neutral and turned his back.

That’s when it happened.

Uyir, pulled his little brother’s shoulder so the boy would turn, then hit him right on his face.

At that very moment, his hand turned to stone, and broke in half.

Groi had a broken teeth but was still in human format and, once again, turned his back and went away…


This post was written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction – November 6th 2016.

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Fiction: Flying monkeys

The monkeys jumped from branch to branch among the forest trees. Nice, but it wasn’t like flying.

Sometimes they would climb all the way to the top of the tallest trees to look at the sky and dream of flying high.

Every time the lucky eagles would  come by, they would ask them to tell the stories they saw from up above.

One day, the eagles decided to surprise the monkeys. Each one of them took a monkey  on their claws and took them away for a ride.

The monkeys were in ecstasy! They were flying monkeys at last!


This post was written in response to the November 2: Flash Fiction Challenge, hosted by Carrot Ranch.

Giving thanks

A few months ago, I posted about Motivation, which was about a recent change in roles and managers at work.

Well… in spite of our great work together, and the amazing results I was able to get in the past couple of months under his leadership, I unfortunately did not survive yet another reorg at the team.

We got a new leader (my manager’s skip level) in September, who came as a hurricane to revamp the team, the processes, the tools….


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For the past 2 weeks, we’re having people announcing they are leaving every other day. At least!

Tuesday was my turn and below is the email I sent (names removed for privacy).

Today is the first day of November, and being Thanksgiving month, I’d like to list here a few things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for the past 10 years, 8 months and 19 days I’ve been part of the <company> family.
I’m grateful for all the amazing friends I had here throughout those years.
I’m grateful for M. H., for being such an awesome person and inspiring manager and for guiding me on the transition from IPE to PM role.
I’m grateful for B. and N. for their guidance during my localizer/engineering career at <company>.
I’m grateful for miss V. and her ability to make so many lives better at <company>, and also for HR for allowing her to better those lives at the campus.
I’m (very!!!) grateful for the nice paychecks and great benefits <company> had provided me on all those years.

That said, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that next week, on November 9th, a long and fun chapter in the book of my life will come to an end, with it being my last day at <company>.
The next chapter is still to be written and at this point I have no idea what stories it’s going to tell. I decided to take some time to be the nanny for my own kids, and I’m pretty sure that will account for amazingly good stories, just like the ones on the chapters past.
I leave the company with a light heart and a peace of mind, and also the certainty that I’m taking with me a lot of good experiences and lessons from the past years that will stay with me forever.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart!

On the day I sent the email I received soooo many nice and heart melting responses that I stayed up until past midnight trying to answer them all and crying like a baby on some of them.

Now, I’m getting busy in documenting my projects, transferring the ones for which we have already decided on an owner and having lunches and happy hours with different groups.

Then next Wednesday that will be it, and my life will change radically as I become full-time mom, for at least a few months until I find myself another job out of the home.

(and good news is that I’ll have plenty of time to go back into blogging! yay!)

Etol in Ettal

Traveling in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

This is the view from the balcony or our hotel in Ettal, Germany.