Back to this month’s One Four Challenge.

My intention when I took to picture was to focus mostly on the giant clam and also on the lavender-field-like coral.
But then, as I took the picture, a little red fish was passing by right on top of the clam, and sort of stole the scene, becoming one of the focus points of the image.

So today, I’m dedicating the edit to it, and highlighting the little guy even more by increasing the saturation and then isolating it as the only colored element in a black and white picture.

Here is this week’s edit.

Week 2 - Highlighting the fish
Week 2 – Highlighting the fish

This post was written in response to the One Four Challenge 2016 – February, hosted by Robyn. Check also my week 1 edit here.

9 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February 2016, week 2

  1. I liked this processing better than the first. I usually don’t like selective color but you really have a clear focal point now, which I felt your first week lacked. Great work!

    1. Yes, I like this one better too. In the first week, my goal was to simply ‘fix’ de colors. From this week I’ll be highlighting some of the creatures shown.
      Thanks for your comment.

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